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Economic impact and health implementation analysis of a model for cancer

Luminesce Alliance

  • Paediatric Precision Medicine
Date Funded:
  • 1 January, 2019
Chief Investigator/s:
  • Professor Tracey O’Brien
  • Vanessa Tyrrell
  • Professor Deborah Schofield
  • Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite

Project summary

Precision medicine is revolutionising healthcare and changing practice, this initiative will measure the benefits for families and the healthcare system to better inform policy; and, contribute to a sustainable implementation of precision models across a complex health system.

What is the issue for NSW?

Precision medicine is revolutionising healthcare and changing practice. As technologies advance, and patients and families are empowered to participate in their healthcare management, we face increasing challenges to effectively and ethically manage their needs.

A key challenge to effective implementation of precision medicine is implementing while the research continues. Cost drivers of precision medicine are many, with new and expensive drugs, genomic tests and imaging that are balanced by added health benefits and cost savings. There is a need to disrupt the systems and economic models that support the status quo to integrate precision medicine in child health.

By undertaking health economic impact modelling and health implementation roadmaps this will inform the allocation of scarce resources at a policy level and support a sustainable precision medicine pathway that is able to deliver equitable access to all children in NSW so that the right child receives the right care at the right time.

What does the research aim to do and how?

This Project will utilise the Zero Childhood Cancer Program to engage prospectively with the implementation of precision medicine into practice. An economic evaluation model will be developed to assess the cost effectiveness and benefits of precision medicine.  A roadmap for the integration of precision medicine across NSW will also be developed as well as an evaluation framework that will monitor and improve the use and access of precision medicine.

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Impact for Children’s Health Report 2022 – 2023

Partnering institutions

  • Children’s Cancer Institute
  • Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network
  • University of NSW
  • Macquarie University