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Commercialisation Training Program

NSW Health is supporting the medical and health sector by investing in their people to build capacity, form stronger networks across the state and nurture innovative medical technologies through the Commercialisation Training Program.

The Program which is powered by Cicada Innovations aims to fast-track innovative ideas that will revolutionise the healthcare sector, improve patient outcomes, and provide economic opportunities for emerging medtech and biotech businesses in NSW.

For anyone with the ambition to create and launch medtech &
biotech innovation

Academics, clinicians, postdoctoral researchers, PhD and Masters candidates, from hospitals, MRI’s, universities, corporates, SME’s, startups this program is to support you.


Learn at your own pace, learn what matters to you, learn when the time is right for you and your idea.

You may have brilliant ideas, but lack the commercialisation skills and networks to bring it to market. Our expert facilitators will guide you through key learning so you can level-up your capabilities needed to turn your concept into a viable business, and be ready to launch your medical innovation.

For the first time NSW Health will be offering deep-dive courses into key health sectors – medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, and therapeutics.


On completion you will have:

  • formulated your commercialisation journey
  • gained knowledge and built capabilities
  • validated your idea, market, and customers
  • develop your business plan
  • have a realistic roadmap to market
  • formed deep & valuable connections with the NSW health ecosystem.


This end-to-end Program consists of three verticals which are broken down into seminars and courses. This Program is available to NSW innovators for the next four years and best of all, it is free.

By starting with knowledge share and working your way through our capability building and specialisation courses, you can kickstart your commercialisation journey.




One Day Seminar


The 2022 one day seminar program will be live soon. Check back for dates and topics.



This online learning module has been developed to help aspiring innovators understand what it takes to commercialise their medtech ideas. Each lesson is taught by an industry leader and features case studies, useful resources, and activities to further support your learning.

This online course is available at all times – sign up now!

Already started? Continue learning here





Cicada Innovations is committed to building a collaborative innovation ecosystem in NSW. It takes a wide breadth of expertise and know-how to set fledgling entrepreneurs up for success and commercialise their technologies. We have a 20 year track record helping people do this.

With the Commercialisation Training Program we are providing the resources, knowledge and connections to help innovators working at the forefront of medical technology create a pathway to their commercial success.


Watch the 2020 Graduation and Showcase


2020 Graduates

  • Alessandro Simeoli, NSW Toll Ambulance Rescue Helicopter Service
  • Beena Ahmed, Say66
  • Kirrie Ballard, Say66
  • Jason Fairclough, Kangaroo Medtek
  • Jonathan Hribar, Blindness Assistive Technologies
  • Luke Gordon, University of Sydney
  • Nafiseh Mirabdolhosseini, Western Sydney University
  • Nicole Hasick, SpeeDx Pty Ltd
  • Ricky O’Brien, University of Sydney
  • Robert Walker, OCULENCE
  • Sarah Holland, The Black Dog Institute
  • Turaab Khan, Ischaemia Solutions

2019 Graduates

  • Ben Lindsay, Solushin
  • Rosa Miller, Solushin
  • Dr Benjamin Stephens-Fripp, University of Wollongong
  • Christian Legerer, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Dan Yang, University of Wollongong
  • David Wallace, Cerebro Biosystems
  • Jason Borrie, Frontier Genomics
  • Dr Jerry Zhou, Western Sydney University
  • Dr Jingjing You, iFix Medical Pty Ltd
  • Dr Joseph Dusseldorp, Syncricity Pty Ltd
  • Dr Nadi Sadr, University of Sydney
  • Dr Negar Talaei Zanjani, Western Sydney Local Health District
  • A/Professor Rebekah Moles, University of Sydney
  • Dr Shaheen Hasmat, University of Sydney
  • Dr Tracy Dudding-Byth, Hunter New England Local Health District

2018 Graduates

  • Dr Gordon Stevenson, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Iman Manavitehrani, Heart Centre for Children at Westmead Hospital
  • Dr Renxun Chen, University of New South Wales
  • Dr Kim van Schooten, Neuroscience Research Australia
  • Ameneh Sadeghpour, Allegra Orthopaedics Limited
  • Associate Professor Hamish MacDougall, University of Sydney
  • Dr Olga Shimoni, University of Technology Sydney
  • Buket Demirci, University of Technology Sydney
  • Dr Carmine Gentile, University of Sydney
  • Katherine Kawecki, Respia
  • Christian Reeks, Respia
  • Dr Helder Marcal PhD, Rheumedica® Pty Ltd
  • Kelly Berger, Confidential Pathology
  • Dr Kevin Chi-Ping Siu, Jellyfish
  • Dr Martin Engel, University of Wollongong
  • Stephen Towe, Leo Cancer Care

2017 Graduates

  • Thomas Millar
  • Burkhardt Schuett
  • Celi Varol
  • Tegan Cheng
  • Celeste Coltman
  • Sarah McDonald
  • Qiao Qiao
  • James Wright
  • Mohamed ‘Haroon’ Kasim
  • Nicky Agahari
  • Sankar Arumugam
  • Maryam Parviz
  • Saber Mostafavian
  • Jonathan Arthur
  • Nicole Cockayne
  • Ashkan Javadzadegan
  • Chelsie O’Connor
  • Alistair McEwan

2015 Graduates

  • Aiden O’Loughlin, University of Western Sydney
  • Annabelle Chan, University of Sydney
  • David Yeo, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
  • Dharmica Mistry, BCAL Diagnostics Pty Ltd
  • James Otton, Liverpool Hospital
  • Robert Gorkin, University of Wollongong
  • Josef Goding, University of New South Wales
  • Sandra Ast, AusSI Systems
  • Sean Pollock, Respiratory Innovations
  • Stephanie Watson, Save Sight Institute
  • Stephen Bradford, CSIRO/Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • Yang Chen, Woolcock Institute

2014 Graduates

  • Alexander Baume, University of Sydney
  • Ali Fathi, University of Sydney
  • Bakul Gupta, University of New South Wales
  • Damian Conway, University of New South Wales
  • Evelyn Linardy, University of New South Wales/SpeeDx Pty Ltd
  • Farzaneh Ahmadi, University of Sydney
  • Gaetano Gargiulo, University of Western Sydney
  • Ilana Feain, University of Sydney
  • James Wood, Macquarie University
  • Kyloon Chuah, University of New South Wales
  • Linda Varadi, University of Sydney
  • Michael Weaver, University of Wollongong
  • Nicky Bertollo, University of New South Wales
  • Paul Breen, University of Western Sydney
  • Paul Keall, University of Sydney/Breathe Well
  • Roya Ravarian, Endoluminal Sciences
  • Ryan Pawell, University of New South Wales/Indee Pty Ltd
  • Rylie Green, University of New South Wales
  • Sheridan Gho, University of Wollongong
  • Simon Bone, University of New South Wales/SpeeDx Pty Ltd

To register your interest for the program, sign up here to be kept up to date.


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