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Medical Research Support Program

The Medical Research Support Program is the NSW Government’s leading program for health and medical research investment.

Cancer researchers Associate Professor Michael Kelso and Professor Marie Ranson at IHMRI. Photo credit Paul Jones

The Medical Research Support Program is the flagship program for the NSW Government and has been operating in its current form since 2003. It provides the major source of infrastructure funding to eligible independent medical research institutes for indirect research costs on a competitive basis based on National Health and Medical Research Council success, research excellence and limited access to other infrastructure funding sources.

The Medical Research Support Program aims to build world class health and medical research capability and enhance statewide research infrastructure, assets, systems and processes by:

  • providing infrastructure support to independent medical research institutes
  • rewarding excellence in medical research and the delivery of quality outputs
  • promoting critical mass & encouraging scale in medical research
  • building capacity to deliver clinical trials and establish NSW as a preferred choice
  • monitoring to ensure the financial sustainability of participating institutes.

Supporting the financial sustainability of participating institutes is a key objective of the program. It is estimated that for every dollar in research funding received, an additional 60-80 cents is needed to cover indirect costs, depending on the type of research. Maximising the value for each Program dollar is important to ensure that public investment in medical research will lead to beneficial health outcomes.

The Medical Research Support Program ensures growth of a sustainable and excellent research sector in NSW that is attractive to the best researchers and supports the state’s capacity to deliver world class medical research.

Applications for the next round of the Medical Research Support Program will take place in 2020. The current round of funding runs from 2016 to 2020.

Further information about the Program is available in the application guidelines for the previous funding round.


Updated 12 months ago