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Biospecimen Collection Grants

These Grants enable researchers to develop collections of high quality biospecimens and associated data.

The NSW Health Statewide Biobank can store more than 3 million biospecimen samples.

The Biospecimen Collection Grants supports the development of collections of high quality biospecimens and associated data. The aim is to build a research asset of biospecimens for the NSW state and beyond to facilitate research on priority health issues affecting the NSW population.

The biospecimens will be collected via the statewide NSW Health Pathology network and processed and stored in the NSW Health Statewide Biobank, a $12 million state-of-the-art facility supporting world class medical research. The biospecimens will be linked to NSW Health data collections by the Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL), a dedicated data linkage centre within NSW Health. In this way each biospecimen collection is curated with data that builds over time.

The round two forms part of an ongoing state-wide biobanking strategy to standardise and harmonise biobank resources and biobanking.

Apply now

Applications open: 30 June 2020

Applications close: 21 August 2020

Outcomes notified by: October 2020

  • Biospecimen Collection Grants: Round Two Application Form

    DOCX - 66 KB

Applications should be submitted by email to by 5pm 21 August 2020.

All applications will be acknowledged within 48 hours by return email. If an acknowledgement is not received, you must contact

Any queries regarding Biospecimen Collection Grants program, please email

Before you apply


Information sessions

Information sessions via teleconference have been planned for:

  • 16 July 2020, 12 noon
  • 21 July 2020, 12 noon

Register for these sessions at

These sessions will provide an opportunity to clarify the intent and scope of the program and to answer questions about the application process, data linkage and biobanking at the NSW Health Statewide Biobank.

Supporting documents

All supporting documentation including the Consent Toolkit, standard agreements, policies and protocols can be found at

Information about data linkage for biospecimen collections can be found at

Guidance for applicants

The Office for Health and Medical Research is available to support the development of applications. Please email queries to



Frequently asked questions

Can you please advise if the grant applications need to undergo an internal review and endorsement process by the Local Health District?

An internal review and endorsement process is not required for this grant application however endorsement by the local health district executive is likely to be beneficial.

Are privately funded biotechnology companies eligible to apply?

A privately funded biotechnology company is not eligible to apply as an individual organisation. However, you will be eligible if you collaborate with any of the NSW entities as listed in the Expressions of Interest Form and NSW entity being listed as the Host Organisation.

Are ACT based researchers eligible to apply?

The grants are for NSW based entities and researchers as listed in the Expressions of Interest Form. Also, biospecimens need to be from people in NSW. However you will be eligible to apply if you partner or collaborate with a NSW entity and nominate the NSW entity as the Host Organisation and the biospecimens are from people in NSW.

What are the priority health issues of NSW?

There is no specific list of priority health issues of NSW. Applicants are expected to make the case that their collection will support research into a priority health issue of NSW. For more information, please refer to HealthStats NSW.

Past recipients

The research directory lists all research projects and/or devices that have received funding through the Office for Health and Medical Research.