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Why NSW for Clinical Trials?

enabling clinical trial capacity, capability and collaboration across New South Wales

Renee Rawson from Children's Medical Research Institute's Embryology Unit

clinicaltrialsNSW can help you navigate through the clinical development pathway, translating research through clinical trials by:

  • understanding the regulatory and ethics process
  • connecting you to sponsors, service providers, key opinion leaders, investigators and investigational sites
  • identifying patient populations
  • facilitating solutions to trial obstacles

Why NSW for your trial?

The future of clinical trials, made in NSWThe future of clinical trials, made in NSW

NSW Clinical Trials Prospectus

NSW has natural strengths that support a thriving clinical trial sector, including a large and diverse population, strong market and highly-networked health system.

The state fosters expertise, invests in infrastructure and supports businesses to make NSW an attractive destination to run clinical trials.

The NSW Clinical Trials Prospectus was developed in consultation with the sector to showcase these strengths and provide insight on the capabilities and assets across the state.

Find out how NSW can assist you to deliver your clinical trial.

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Updated 4 months ago