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Trimph Technology Pty Ltd

Organ System:
  • Skeletal
Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2018

Project summary

Platform technology to repair bone, cartilage and connective tissues.

What is the issue?

Tooth extraction is an inherently traumatic procedure that damages the underlying tissue and leads to inevitable jaw bone shrinkage. Clinically, loss of alveolar ridge bone results in aesthetic and functional complications as well as the need for a secondary invasive operation prior to prosthetic placement.

What does the technology aim to do?

Trimph Technology Pty Ltd is an Australian biomedical company that has developed a platform technology to repair bone, cartilage and connective tissues. The properties of this material can be tuned to treat a number of pathologies including osteoarthritis, bone injuries and soft tissue defects.

Since Trimph’s incorporation in August 2015, the company has established its own ISO13485 accredited production facility, received granted patents in the US and Europe and completed a first-in-man trial for a dental application. TrimphDent is the company’s first product to be used to accelerate hard and soft tissue healing post tooth extraction.

TrimphDent is a ready to use, injectable scaffold that is applied immediately after tooth extraction and has been shown to preserve the socket in a pilot clinical trial. Unlike all other bone substitutes, TrimphDent is delivered to the extraction socket as a liquid, and quickly forms an elastic matrix at the site to provide a predictable platform for bone regeneration. TrimphDent requires no specialised preparation, socket packing or additional surgical expertise. These unique properties save time for surgeons and allow more general dentists to perform the procedure.

Improving access to dental services is aligned with the vision of both State and Federal health governments. Bone anchored prosthetics improve quality of life by allowing better mastication and speech and improving general health outcomes. However, economic barriers and poor access to specialist oral surgeons are recognised limitations to the widespread use of implant secured prosthetics.

With the aid of NSW’s Medical Devices Fund, Trimph will run a clinical trial and complete the requirements for European and Australian registration.

Company contact

Dr Ali Fathi

0413 721 939