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MedLogical Innovations Pty Ltd

Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2017

Project summary

Patented laser delivery system for targeted therapy to the prostate gland.

What is the issue?

Focal therapy (or targeted therapy) is a well-established technique of targeting and treating cancerous lesions throughout the body. Focal treatment has been used for years for brain, lung, liver, bladder, pancreas and kidney cancers.

What does the technology aim to do?
In the last 4 years more powerful MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machines have become available and for the first time clinicians can visualise prostate cancer. Focal Laser Therapy for prostate cancer continues this development. ProFocal-Rx is able to treat the tumour as clinicians are able to see the tumour with precision. ProFocal-Rx allows more than 30% of prostate cancer patients to have minimal invasive therapy and preserve their prostate gland.

ProFocal-Rx is a patented laser delivery system that is introduced into the prostate gland with a needle cannula. The laser delivery unit is introduced through this cannula into the proven cancerous area and ProFocal-Rx allows for real time interactive treatment ensuring that the cancer is destroyed. The treatment is performed as a quick outpatient procedure with the patient going home the same day. The side effects of the treatment are less than the diagnostic biopsy interventions that are currently used.

ProFocal-Rx allows men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer to be treated without the risk of urinary incontinence whilst also preserving erections, ejaculation and fertility.

Company contact

Dr Celi Varol

0412 262 624