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Perx Health

Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2019

Project summary

Digital therapeutic to engage and motivate patients to better manage their conditions and form healthy habits.

What is the issue?

Perx is a digital therapeutic that engages and motivates patients to better manage their conditions and form healthy habits. Our evidence-based digital programs for behaviour change are designed for managing serious health conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular conditions and mental health conditions.

What does the technology aim to do?

The technology consists of an engaging smartphone app for patients, backed by proprietary behavioural science and AI-powered algorithms. Perx surprises and delights users to build their engagement with the digital disease management programs and thereby with their healthy habits. To do so, the company applies gamification, extrinsic rewards (like movie tickets and gift cards), community support and challenges to motivate patients. By combining proven behavioural science with evidence-based medicine, Perx is setting out to systemically address adherence and healthcare engagement.

Over time the digital therapeutic technology is becoming more sophisticated in how the motivators are personalised to best match each individual. This is a novel approach and very complementary to the high-touch educational approaches that are traditionally used in the health system.

Perx is partnered with several large companies to trial its solution in real-world populations including NSW Health and leading Australian insurers. The Perx digital therapeutic has been tested with thousands of Australian patients against standard care and has demonstrated increased health engagement, materially improved disease management behaviours and outstanding patient satisfaction.