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Baymatob Pty Ltd

Organ System:
  • Reproductive
Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2017

Project summary

Non-invasive patch to remotely monitor pregnancy and labour.

What is the issue?

Due to the high rates of unnecessary caesarean sections performed globally there has been a push to reduce interventions and increase rates of normal vaginal delivery.

What does the technology aim to do?

Oli™ allows real time observation of uterine activity, movements, exertion, maternal/fetal wellbeing and how they correlate to progression of labour. The device is a non-invasive patch capable of remotely monitoring pregnancy and labour.

This improves on current monitoring methods as it will show:
• a woman’s ability to progress to a normal delivery
• early identification of the need to intervene and the performance of those interventions
• expected time frames for delivery or prompt identification of failure to progress.

Oli™ has the potential to transform obstetric monitoring and management. It provides a way to identify how a woman’s pregnancy and labour is progressing. This will give clinicians and hospital staff a more definitive method of:
• differentiating between slow progression of labour and complications requiring intervention,
• identifying complications early and tracking performance of interventions
• scheduling required resources at the time they are required.

Oli™ is expected to improve patient outcomes and result in savings to the health system due to reduced caesareans and other interventions.

Company contact

Sarah McDonald

0467 712 886