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Baymatob Pty Ltd

Organ System:
  • Reproductive
Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2019

Project summary

Non-invasive device to monitor pregnancy and labour progression.

What is the issue?

Pre-trial development.

What does the technology aim to do?

Baymatob™ is an Australian company founded after a traumatic birth experience of the CEO and mechatronic engineer, Dr Sarah McDonald. The company’s founding product Oli™ is a non-invasive device to monitor pregnancy and labour progression. Oli™ provides a game changing opportunity within the obstetrics monitoring market. While current technology in this space relies on retrospective measures, subjective interpretation and directly impacts maternal birth experience, Oli™ opens up opportunities to assess and treat individual cases with predictive measures without impacting maternal activities.

Oli™ is currently developing working devices, collected animal and human data, gained the support of local health bodies and proactively works with a team of clinical advisors across a number of hospitals, districts and global health organisations.