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Mu Catheter

Western Sydney Local Health District

Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2017

Project summary

New generation microwave renal artery denervation system for treating hypertension.

What is the issue?

Hypertension is a strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide. 28% of adults in NSW have hypertension, however up to one in eight patients fail to achieve blood pressure control despite multiple medications.

What does the technology aim to do?

Western Sydney Local Health District has developed the Mu Catheter, a new generation microwave renal artery denervation system for treating hypertension. The device, which is introduced into the renal artery, ablates hyperactive renal nerves that course around the artery. These nerves are responsible for driving high blood pressure in patients who do not respond adequately to medications.

Clinically available renal artery denervation devices heat using electrical current, which has limited depth of penetration and cannot be applied circumferentially as it injures the renal artery wall. As many nerves can potentially escape ablation, these devices produce inconsistent denervation and clinical efficacy.

In contrast, the Mu Catheter radiates microwaves into the tissues surrounding the renal artery. These provide a deep and circumferential ablation to consistently reach more renal nerves while avoiding injury to the renal artery which is cooled and protected by blood flow. This is achieved through the Mu Catheter’s unique microwave emitting antennae and centring mechanism.

The device is expected to improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on the health system through better control of hypertension and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Company contact

David Markwell

0439 875 825