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MobiLife Pty Ltd

Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2013

Project summary

Unique, new, low cost, high accuracy, mechanical infusion device.

What is the issue?

MobiLIFE is a joint venture company established by medical device executives and the University of Newcastle (UoN) to deliver ideas and concepts into the medical device marketplace. Since its inception in 2002 the company has grown in strength with an exceptional team of individuals with a background of delivering results in the medical device sector.

MobiLIFE is nearing the commercialisation stage of its first project, which is aimed at significantly improving the choice and quality of treatment options available to medical professionals for the care of patients outside of hospital i.e. home care based treatments.

The mobiLIFE home care project is based on the mobiDRIP; an innovative new portable intravenous (IV) pump developed by researchers at UoN. The history of the project is that a conversation over coffee resulted in a radically new conceptual design being sketched on a napkin!

The mobiDRIP is a unique, new, low cost, high accuracy, mechanical infusion device; the first hybrid device to combine the accuracy of an electronic pump with the low price tag of a disposable pump.

This new infusion pump, which is revolutionary in its simplicity, reduces costs and improves patient care.

What does the technology aim to do?

The mobiDRIP has been ergonomically optimised and can be worn discreetly by a mobile patient whilst aiding recovery by intravenously delivering continual dosages of medical fluids such as antibiotics, pain relief, chemotherapy and nutrition.

The device provides greater choice for nursing staff and facilitates more rapid hospital patient discharge; resulting in considerable cost savings for the health care system and better outcomes for patients.

The future outlook for mobiLIFE is very exciting. The company has already established a Therapeutic Goods Administration approved clean room and rapid response drug compounding service that utilises the latest facility design to provide the high service levels demanded by the market. This new Good Manufacturing Practice licence approved facility provides for the filling and delivery of mobiDRIPs to NSW, QLD and beyond.

MobiLife’s next focus is to utilise the product refinement, reference sites and revenue stream created by the successful domestic commercialisation of the mobiDRIP device and service, to support the insertion of the mobiDRIP device into the globally significant home care markets.

Company contact

Prof Paul Dastoor, Director
(02) 4921 5426