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Maverick Biomaterials

Maverick Biomaterials Pty Ltd

Date Funded:
  • 28 August, 2015

Project summary

Maverick Biomaterials has established itself as a key provider of product & service into the emerging transcatheter device arena.

What is the issue?

Maverick Biomaterials has developed innovative bovine materials used in the manufacture of heart valves implanted via keyhole surgery techniques. This reduces the patient’s time in intensive care facilities (therefore reducing hospital costs) and allows for valve implantation into frail patients. The Maverick material supports client needs for optimising catheter loading and device performance.

What does the technology aim to do?

Strong skillsets and IP around materials selection, production and global Quality & Regulatory needs surrounding the use of animal derived biological (ADB) materials in medical products, has Maverick Biomaterials working alongside numerous global partners optimising their business and product outcomes.

Over the next 2 years 3-4 of Maverick Biomaterials clients will likely attain regulatory approvals for their product and commence market launch, 2 of these in developed markets and 2 in emerging economies. Behind these organisations is the next wave of development targeting mitral valve disease with world 1st products expecting to be on market in 2020.

Maverick Biomaterials has been in long term collaboration with these entities, often since their benchtop R&D began, and have co-developed optimum material for product success, and eloquent pathways for Quality & Regulatory approvals being obtained.

Maverick Biomaterials utilises its extensive IP developed in the ADB sector to meet the needs of global product developers. The market for aortic valve focussed products is about to experience a wave of new product approvals, and mitral focussed products will launch 2020-2025. The tricuspid arena is now the focus of very early stage R&D.

Maverick Biomaterials is investing in cleanroom facilities that will be operational Q3 2016 and given growth forecasts will be working diligently to strengthen and enhance the manufacturing process and overarching organisational capabilities.

Over the next 10 years significant growth will occur and Maverick Biomaterials will be on the front foot in having the requisite facilities and human resources available to quickly respond to the need of the global market and our dynamic, innovative and entrepreneurial clientele.

Company contact

Cameron Crowley, Business Development Manager

+61 2 6885 1200