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How long does immunity last after COVID-19?

Westmead Institute for Medical Research

Date Funded:
  • 1 February, 2021
Chief Investigator/s:
  • Professor Anthony Cunningham

Project summary

Development of Novel Tests to evaluate duration of immunity after COVID-19 and in vaccine trials.

What is the issue for NSW?

This project will examine the duration of immunity in patients recovering from COVID-19, particularly that mediated by white (T) cells. This is important because reinfection from the coronavirus can occur and it is also important to determine the period of time for which immunisation may remain protective, especially in frontline workers and vulnerable people, such as the ageing.

What does the research aim to do and how?

We aim to develop novel tests for white cell immunity for COVID-19 and measure the duration for which people are immune following the illness. We then intend to use these tests to also measure the level and duration of immunity after people are immunised with new candidate vaccines.