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Elastatherapy™ Skin Repair

Elastagen Pty Ltd

Organ System:
  • Integumentary
Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2013

Project summary

Elastatherapy™ using the human protein elastin to naturally repair the skin.

What is the issue?

Elastin is a critical component of the skin, being present as fibres which confer unique physical properties to skin tissue. Elastin enables the skin to endure constant stress, especially in areas requiring repeated stretch and recoil such as at the joints. Elastin also plays a critical role during the wound healing process where it contributes to reduced wound contraction and improved skin tissue regeneration.

What does the technology aim to do?

Elastagen is a clinical stage medical device company that is pioneering elastatherapy™ using the human protein elastin to naturally repair the skin.

Elastagen’s technology has been developed over the past twenty years by Professor Anthony Weiss and his Elastin Laboratory at the University of Sydney. Elastagen has acquired exclusive rights from the University of Sydney to a broad patent portfolio which covers the production, formulation and application of this unique biomaterial.

Elastagen is the first company globally to have succeeded in the scalable, commercial, clinical grade manufacture of the full length recombinant human elastin protein. In addition, the company has completed a broad range of pre-clinical and clinical studies and successfully demonstrated the potential of its elastin biomaterials to assist in skin repair and regeneration.

A major focus for the elastin technology is on the medical repair and regeneration of the skin. For example, following recovery from burn injuries, patients will often have severe scarring which requires surgical revision due to discomfort and a lack of skin mobility. The surgical revision involves the removal of the scar tissue and replacement with a skin template to encourage the growth of a more natural skin.

Elastagen has worked closely with Prof Weiss at the University of Sydney and leading burns surgeons to demonstrate that elastin has the potential to improve the performance of the skin template.

The inclusion of elastin may enable both a reduction in the required number of surgical interventions and result in a significant improvement in the quality and physical properties of the repaired skin. The company is now planning to undertake further clinical studies of this promising technology prior
to seeking regulatory approval of the product.

Elastagen is located in Sydney, Australia, and is a venture backed private company.

Company contacts

Robert Daniels, Chief Executive Officer

+61 424 439 481