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Dialysis system

Ellen Medical Devices Pty Ltd

Date Funded:
  • 30 August, 2018

Project summary

A breakthrough dialysis machine that can be used at home or by rural health workers in remote settings.

What is the issue?

Dialysis is a safe and effective treatment for kidney failure, ‘but it is expensive, costing $50,000-100,000 per patient annually in Australia. In Australia, dialysis is provided by health care systems. But each year in the developing world, up to 7 million people die because dialysis is too expensive for them to access.

What does the technology aim to do?

Ellen Medical Devices is building a breakthrough dialysis system which will provide millions of kidney patients around the world access to this life-saving treatment for the first time. This transformation is achieved through a radical reduction in cost.

The system employs peritoneal dialysis. It is pain free, portable and solar powered, using water from any source, it meets all safety standards. This costs just $1,000 to build and $5 a day to run.

Traditional peritoneal dialysis requires manufacturing bags of fluid at a central sterile manufacturing site, then transport across long distances at high cost. This system fills the bag at the point of care, eliminating manufacturing and transport costs, creating a new low-cost business model.

The machine can be used at home or by rural health workers in remote settings. It will save lives, create a new global business for NSW, and reduce costs – wherever dialysis is needed.

Company contact

Professor John Knight

0414 614 189