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PhD Partnership Program

The Program awards funding for projects in which PhD candidates can undertake research within the pharmaceutical and biological therapeutics sectors.

ProCan laboratory at Children's Medical Research Institute

NSW Health’s PhD Partnership Program provides funding for research projects designed for PhD candidates to develop skills and experience within the pharmaceutical and biological therapeutics sectors under the joint supervision of academic and industry supervisors.

The objectives of the Program are to:

  • promote collaboration between industry and university researchers
  • build commercialisation capacity in the pharmaceutical and biological therapeutics sector
  • increase the number of locally developed therapeutics reaching Phase I clinical trials
  • create new opportunities for PhD students to study the development of novel therapeutics
  • ensure graduates leave university with the skills necessary to succeed in industry
  • improve graduate understanding of the diversity of employment opportunities in the NSW pharmaceutical and biological therapeutics sectors.

Apply now

NSW Health invites eligible host universities in partnership with industry, to apply for the PhD Partnership Program.

Medical research institutes that are affiliated with a university and other formally affiliated organisations such as local health districts are also invited to apply and must adhere to the eligibility criteria outlined in the Guidelines. For the purpose of the Guidelines and Application Form such organisations will be referred to as host university.

NSW Health will contribute funding of $60,000 over three years for PhD students to conduct research in drug discovery, drug development or biopharmaceuticals.

To apply, academic supervisor(s), the host university, industry supervisor and industry organisation must download and complete the NSW Health PhD Partnership Program Application Form below.

Please note that applications are not completed by prospective PhD candidate.

  • PhD Partnership Program 2019 Application Form

    DOCX - 104 KB


Key dates

Applications close 1 November 2019 at 5pm

Before you apply

Application Guidelines

The PhD Partnership Program 2019 Application Form is to be completed with reference to the PhD Partnership Program 2019 Guidelines, which contains details about the requirements for each section of the proposal.

Further information about the program, application process, selection process, and reporting requirements are also outlined in the application Guidelines.

Expressions of interest register

NSW Health will publish an Expression of Interest Register to facilitate collaborations between industry organisations and host universities who are interested in applying to the PhD Partnership Program.

To register your interest, please email and provide the following information:

  1. Name of organisation:
  2. Address of organisation:
  3. Contact person name and title:
  4. Contact person email:
  5. Contact person phone:
  6. Areas of expertise or priority research:

Please note that by providing this information, your details may be published under the ‘Expression of Interest Register,’ which will be made available on this webpage until application close on 1 November 2019.

Eligible research areas

Scholarships will be targeted at pre-clinical research with an identified therapeutic target, with a view to readying novel therapeutics for Phase I clinical trials. Eligible areas of research include but are not limited to:

  • fragment-based and/or high-throughput lead discovery
  • lead optimisation
  • pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics (including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion)
  • medicinal chemistry
  • chemistry and antibody design
  • manufacturing
  • formulation and the development of drug delivery platforms
  • efficacy and proof-of-concept
  • acute toxicology
  • gene vector design and manufacture
  • therapeutic applications of macromolecules
  • pre-clinical models, including cell and animal trials.

For areas of research that do not appear above, applicants may present a justification as to why the proposed project is a priority in NSW and should be funded.

Frequently asked questions

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Current and past recipients

To view the details of past successful recipients including project snapshots, download the NSW Health PhD Scholarship 2017 recipients booklet, or use our grant directory to search successful recipients and their project summaries by topic areas of interest.

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