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Medical Devices Fund Announcement 2023

Awarding competitive technology development and commercialisation.

The NSW Health Medical Devices Fund aims to support visionaries in taking their innovations to market and increase the uptake of local medical devices by the health system where they are cost effective and contribute to improving patient outcomes.

An Expert Panel has evaluated all applications for funding, including the Chair of the Medical Devices Fund Expert Panel and NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the 2023 funding recipients:

SDIP Innovations

SDIP Innovations is committed to customer-driven strategies in the mission of revolutionising resorbable implants and provide a universally safer option for patients. 

JAZBI™, a bioresorbable bone implant, has been developed to mimic the natural bone remodeling to heal fractured bones. The implant completely converts to bone with nothing left behind and the physical properties are adjustable, which enables manufacturing of a wide range of bone implants. The JAZBI™ bone implant system benefits patients with faster recovery, fewer clinical complications, and less hospitalisation. 

SDIP Innovations secured the 2020 Medical Devices Fund grant, and was able to complete biocompatibility studies, safety and efficacy evaluations and ensured worldwide IP protection through international patent filing. Their second successful Medical Devices Fund grant will enable them to continue commercialising JAZBI™ technology and expand the manufacturing capability in NSW.

Medlogical Innovations

Medlogical Innovations logo

Medlogical Innovations is a medical device company dedicated to creating innovative solutions that drive superior patient outcomes. With the first application of its patented laser ablation technology, the company aims to revolutionise management of prostate disease globally.

The ProFocal® System delivers Cooled Laser Focal Therapy – a minimally invasive treatment for prostate cancer. As an alternative to whole-gland treatments which often result in debilitating side effects, the ProFocal System is designed to accurately target and ablate specific areas, safely avoiding the delicate nerves and tissues surrounding the prostate. The therapy is an outpatient procedure that takes about an hour, and is no more invasive than a prostate biopsy. 

Medlogical Innovations received the 2017 Medical Devices Fund grant for the development of a ‘proof of concept’ device. The investment was critical in advancing the initial proof of concept device into a TGA-registered clinical trial, establishing an in-house quality management system and developing a regulatory-compliant and commercialisation-ready device. The successful acquisition of a second Medical Devices Fund grant will support Medlogical Innovations in establishing a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, further accelerating their path to commercialisation.

Chair's introduction

Now in its eleventh round, the Medical Devices Fund continues to prove its value to the NSW health and medical research ecosystem. As Chair of the Fund’s Expert Panel, I am delighted to be working on a program that harnesses and supports the translation of innovation and research and provides such a significant contribution to NSW. 

The Medical Devices Fund could not have happened without the leadership and vision of the NSW Government. Supporting innovators in the medical technology sector has direct impact on patient outcomes and the efficiency of the health system. The Expert Panel was delighted with the number and the quality of the applications this year which were particularly strong in the areas of broad orthopaedic and soft tissue engineering applications and focal laser therapy. 

The task of assessing these high-quality applications required dedicated effort and expertise, and I want to thank the members of the Expert Panel Dr John Parker, Mr Mark Phelps, Ms Kelly Constable, Professor Gemma Figtree, Associate Professor Laura Faulconer, and Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee for their remarkable efforts. 

Congratulations to the recipients of the Medical Devices Fund for 2023 whose work will have lasting and meaningful impacts on the health system in NSW and the wider community. Thank you also to those who took the time to apply, and I encourage you to continue working on your technologies as they could help shape the future NSW healthcare system. 

Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte
Chair of the Medical Devices Fund Expert Panel
NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

Announcement event

The recipients of round 11 funding in 2023 were announced on Thursday 9 November at Parliament House.

Entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and key industry players gathered to celebrate medical technologies being developed in NSW.

The Hon. David Harris, MP announced the innovations that were awarded funding and congratulated the recipients.

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