NSW Health and Medical Research

Gene & Cell Therapy Grants

These grants support the development, delivery and commercialisation of innovative cell and gene therapies.

The Gene & Cell Therapy Grants aim to position NSW as a global leader, supporting projects to:

  • Reduce the time between gathering evidence of effective treatments to delivering those treatments at scale
  • Deliver innovative therapies rapidly, efficiently and effectively
  • Engage commercial and industry partners early to rapidly scale up therapies found to be effective
  • Build workforce and infrastructure capacity and capability in NSW for research and development.

Gene and Cell Therapy PhD Program

The NSW Gene & Cell Therapy PhD Program awards funding for candidates to conduct research in gene and cell therapy development and manufacture under academic supervision. The objectives of the Program are to:

  • attract high quality PhD students that strengthen successful gene and cell therapy research programs
  • build workforce skills in the development and manufacture of gene and cell therapies in NSW
  • create new opportunities for PhD students to study the development and manufacture of advanced therapeutics
  • improve graduate understanding of the diversity of employment opportunities in the NSW advanced therapeutics sector
  • improve graduate understanding of the commercialisation pathway for these therapies to support closer engagement with industry.

Apply now

  • Gene & Cell Therapy PhD Program Application Form

    DOCX - 93 KB

Before you apply

The Guidelines outline the eligibility criteria, application process, assessment process, selection criteria, and reporting requirements for the Gene & Cell Therapy PhD Program grants.

Past recipients

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Ultra-low termperatures support long-term storage of biospecimen samples at the NSW Statewide Biobank.