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Bringing clinical trials to the bush

The NSW, ACT, and Australian Governments are working together to improve access to innovative healthcare in rural and regional communities with a $30.6 million investment to fund clinical trials in the bush.

The expanded network of new clinical trial support units across the regional local health districts of Northern, Western, and Southern NSW will be supported by ACT Health, Canberra Health Services and partnerships with academic institutions, industry, and local community.

Medical Director for the Rural, Regional, and Remote Clinical Trial Enabling Program, Dr John Lawson said the program will fund infrastructure initiatives, to address the barriers to research in rural areas, such as geographic isolation, lack of clinical trials workforce, and clinical skills and capacity.

“The program will be incredibly beneficial to patients and ensures rural and regional communities will have access to the latest clinical developments usually only available in metropolitan sites,” Dr Lawson said.

“In addition, it will increase options through a model which brings clinical trials closer to the rural community.

“With this significant investment for innovative approaches to healthcare, we are ensuring equitable access to care for our communities in the bush and improving their health outcomes and quality of life by enabling earlier access to new treatments and therapies.

“These clinical trial support units and improved infrastructure will address the particular health needs of rural people and will provide really valuable evidence to contribute to future medical research.”

The Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund, Rural Regional and Remote Clinical Trial Enabling Infrastructure Fund has invested $30.6 million, over five years, in the Rural, Regional and Remote Clinical Trial Enabling Program: improving access to innovative healthcare in RRR NSW and ACT to support rural local health districts, Canberra Health Services and many other partners. Australia has a long track record in leadership in clinical trials which continues to grow, and in which NSW and ACT are key players.

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