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2022 Medical Devices Fund announcement

Awarding competitive technology development and commercialisation.

Unique to Australia, the NSW Medical Devices Fund is a competitive grant program run by NSW Health. The Fund encourages investment in the commercialisation of medical devices in New South Wales.

The Fund provides support to innovators to take local innovations to market and increase the uptake of New South Wales medical devices by the health system where they are cost effective and contribute to improving patient outcomes.

An Expert Panel has assessed all applications to the fund and three applicants have been announced as the recipients of funding for 2022:

  • EMVision Medical Devices Ltd
  • Eudaemon Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Australis Scientific Pty Ltd

NSW Health also acknowledges the recipients of funding for Round 9 (2021) and Round 8 (2020) of the fund.

2021 recipients:

  • iiShield Pty Ltd
  • Inventia Life Science
  • AdvanCell Isotopes

2020 recipients:

  • SDIP Innovations
  • AllVascular Pty Ltd


Medical Devices 10 year anniversary video

Medical Devices Fund 2022 recipients

EMVision Medical Devices Ltd

EMVision is an innovative Australian company, headquartered in Macquarie Park. It’s development of a suite of portable brain scanners to image the brain wherever the patient is, is set to transform the way stroke is diagnosed and patients are cared for.

The product aims to fast-track decision making at the point-of-care. It relies on unique electromagnetic imaging technology and uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between ischaemic (blockage) and haemorrhagic (bleed) strokes in a matter of minutes, to enable earlier diagnosis, earlier treatment and superior patient outcomes. It can also be utilized for the routine monitoring of patient’s post-intervention/treatment to keep a much closer eye on a patient’s progress and recovery.



Eudaemon Technologies Pty Ltd

Eudaemon Technologies is creating the next-gen condom made from innovative materials called tough hydrogels. These tissue-like materials outperform latex rubber with enhanced feel, self-lubrication, have no adverse odours or tastes, and do not cause allergic reactions.

The project will establish the manufacturing and clinical validation to create a market ready product for consumers.

Through investment from the NSW Medical Device Fund, Eudaemon Technologies will accelerate the development of the value chain to deliver these innovative and superior condoms to address sexual and reproductive health and wellness needs in NSW, Australia, and the world.



Australis Scientific Pty Ltd

Australis Scientific is a function urological medical device company transforming the lives of overactive bladder sufferers through a minimally invasive at-home neuromodulation therapy.

Developed through the Harvard Health-Tech Fellowship, the In-Confidence™ smart patch has demonstrated on-demand control of urinary continence.

Australis Scientific has several pending patents and licensing arrangements through the Harvard Office of Technology Development.

Through the NSW Health medical device fund, Australis Scientific will recruit state-wide STEM talent to enable design, development, and engineering along with pivotal trials to be conducted within the NSW based hospitals.



Medical Devices Fund announcement event

Medical Devices Fund announcement event

The recipients of round 10 funding in 2022 were announced on Thursday 10 November at an event at Parliament House. Mr Justin Clancy, MP, announced the innovations that were awarded funding and congratulated the successful applicants. Mr Justin Clancy, MP acknowledged NSW’s best medical technology talent and their game changing medical technologies, and the celebration of 10 years since the launch of the NSW Medical Devices Fund.

Also in attendance were entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and key industry players to celebrate medical technologies being developed in NSW.

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