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Celebrating the Commercialisation Training Program showcase event 2023

In September, researchers, mentors, business partners and stakeholders across the NSW health and life sciences sectors joined the Hon. David Harris MP, Minister for Medical Research, to acknowledge the remarkable participants in the 2023 NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program. 

In the influential world of healthcare innovation, the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program was established to support and empower emerging businesses and innovators in the medical and health research sector. The program nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and drives the commercialisation of ground-breaking medical technology that has the potential to shape the future of healthcare in NSW and improve patient outcomes.  

Anne O’Neill, Acting Executive Director of the Office for Health and Medical Research, spoke at the Showcase and reflected on the exceptional leadership present at the Showcase, and the potential of participants to impact the future of healthcare in NSW. “I am extremely proud that NSW offers such comprehensive and targeted support that invests in the people who are driving innovation and building the health and medical research ecosystem,” she said. 

Anne O’Neill, Acting Executive Director of the Office for Health and Medical Research

The Commercialisation Training Program Showcase 2023 is a testament to the program’s impact in supporting the health sector’s capability to successfully commercialise innovation. The program was first delivered in 2014 focusing on commercialising medical devices, before expanding in 2020 to support commercialisation of therapeutics and pharmaceuticals, software as a medical device, and diagnostics.The NSW Government has committed $3 million over four years to this expanded program. The program has supported over 1,100 health innovators who have gone on to create 27 companies, dozens of new jobs and raise more than $100 million in public and private funding across multiple projects. Most importantly, it has benefitted thousands of patients with new technologies entering the market.  

At the Showcase, program graduates from across the health and life sciences sectors came together to demonstrate the important impact of supporting the commercialisation of health and medical research in NSW. Notable projects were presented by exceptional individuals, including Dr. Deborah Burnett (Garvan Institute of Medical Research), Dr. Cameron Higgins (Resonait Technologies), Associate Professor Veysel Kayser (University of Sydney), and Dr. Sam van Bohemen (nuroflux).  
The Showcase also served as a platform to recognise excellence within the program. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following winners: 
Emerging Leader Award: Gerard Criss (Rapair Medical) 
Best Innovation Award: Stefan Mazy (dermR Health) 
Future Leader Award: Emma Charters (Chris O’Brien Lifehouse)

Commercialisation Training Program Winners 2023

Thank you to Cicada Innovations, Davies Collison Cave and Southern Star Research for sponsoring the awards to support these winners to continue their journey.  

“It has been a privilege to watch this cohort develop and thrive through the process, dedicating themselves to learning and pivoting when challenges arose. This group has such a strong desire to improve health outcomes and I look forward to seeing them prosper,” said Anne. 

The NSW Office for Health and Medical Research is proud to be working with Cicada Innovations, who delivers the NSW Health funded program, to build sustainable businesses and fast-track innovative ideas that will revolutionise the healthcare sector.   

Sally-Ann Williams, CEO of Cicada Innovations acknowledged the unique opportunity the program provides. “The team at Cicada Innovations are privileged to be able to support so many innovators navigate the commercialisation journey, through our role in delivering the program. We know that by helping to bring the amazing research and early-stage innovation we have in this state to market, we are building the economic backbone for the future of this country,” said Sally-Ann.

Are you interested in making a significant impact with your health innovation? Discover resources, knowledge and connections through the NSW Health Commercialisation Training Program 

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